Sri S. Radhakrishnan

It gives me great pleasure to communicate through this medium of our web-site which is a maiden venture of our CBSE section. National High School, Kolkata managed by N.R.Iyer Memorial Education Society which has three campuses , with two for West Bengal Board and one for CBSE.
Our school received CBSE affiliation from April’2016. With more than 2500 students and more than 100 teachers in its rolls in this section, the aim of the school is to impart quality education to its students so that the student become a good citizen of the country. Apart from good infrastructure in the form of inter-active class rooms, physics/chemistry/Geography/Computer/Language labs we have a whole team of highly qualified teachers who are striving to give their best.
Our School gives focus on Sports activities and our students had done well in Sports by winning many laurels and awards in various sports like Cricket, Rowing, Karate, Swimming etc.
Considering the interest of our students, academics we are in the midst of starting a separate set-up for sports related activities so that the school country could produce able sportsmen for the country.

One of the objective of the Society running the school is that education should reach every strata of the society irrespective caste, creed or religion and economic background of the students.
With best wishes.

Sri S.Radhakrishnan
N.R.Iyer Memorial Education Society