Cancellation and refund policy

School reserves the right to cancel the admission / registration of the student during any period of the academic session. Once the student admission process is completed, no refund of fees to the student would be entertained.

For those who withdraw their child from the school, must submit a written application regarding the withdrawal in the month of January itself as the school has limited seats to offer to new admissions. Issue of Transfer certificate will be subject to clearance of all dues (Tuition fees and Transport fees if any). Final Decision remains in the hands of the school management.
1. If a student leaves the school before the end of a Term, fees will be payable for the full Term. Under no circumstances will the fees be refunded or adjusted.
2. In case of mid-session admission, Fees has to be paid in full of the particular term along with the admission charges. No part payment will be accepted.
3. In addition to fees, parents may need to meet optional expenses such as uniform, books, note books, school lunch, transport, school publications, educational trips, excursions, cl-ass activity/co-curricular material charges, activity charges, fees for public/board examinations.